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devinkye00 in heresy_angel

Rootwork - Wade Stabler

Rootwork by Wade Stabler

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Synopsis: Marie, a nurse in a mental hospital, is new at the job. She escorts patients places, making sure there trips are safe and that they don't harm themselves or others. Her daily routine sees nothing out of the ordinary until she is assigned to escort Clayton. Clayton intrigues her. He doesn't sleep, has chronic headaches, and otherwise seems normal. She listens in on his therapy sessions. With a stutter in his voice he talks about how he's seen strange visions of the dead, and how his mother has cursed him, and that is why he was committed to the asylum. As curiosity gets the best of her she puts her new job in jeopardy, stealing Clayton's information, which leads her the Delacroix Plantation, where Clayton's mother lives. She slowly begins to learn perhaps Clayton is completely sane. In a desperate attempt to help him she gets caught up in a web of fear, spirits, hoodoo curses, and several skeletons in the closet. (Courtesy of Wade Stabler)