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devinkye00 in heresy_angel

Into this world we're thrown - Mark Kendrick

Into this world we're thrown by Mark Kendrick

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Synopsis: This tightly-crafted dramatic conclusion to Desert Sons continues with the relationship between Scott Faraday and Ryan St. Charles. It’s Scott’s senior year of high school. Ryan’s grandmother, his long-time caregiver, dies. It sends him spiraling into depression and makes him pull away from Scott. The band Scott is in might break up. He discovers he has secret allies, a schoolmate who’s bent on having Scott be his no matter what, and a twisted foe. Will his secret admirer permanently ruin his now tenuous relationship with Ryan? Will Scott’s foe turn his seeming idyllic life into a living hell? Can Ryan lift himself from the depths of his emotional turmoil? When Crawford comes back into his life, can Ryan hold him off? Can the boys remove the bitterness that ensues as a rift between them develops and widens? Can they uncover the depth of their love for one another before it’s too late? All of this and more is explored and concluded in this exciting sequel. (Courtesy of Mark-kendrick.com)